My name is Jessica and I love to create beautiful experiences in all mediums—print, digital, physical and beyond. I was born in a simple land—what people refer to today as Iowa. I grew up watching and listening to my family create rich experiences from very little. A farmer, quilter, painter, carpenter, mechanic, and a kitchen full of cooks—all making beautiful creations every day. It is only my destiny that every sense of smell, taste, color, sound, and texture inspire new creations every day. I am most inspired when my plate of projects doesn’t dip below half a dozen. Stay tuned for new work coming soon! In the meantime, follow some travels and doodles on Instagram and various mullings I’ve dabbled in over the years.


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A few random about me…

I like to explore design in a multi-medium manner.
I am inspired by the work of others.
I enjoy working alone and with a team.
I am an extrovert-introvert.
I am invigorated by the human spirit.
I like to be outdoors. I like the changes of the seasons.
I enjoy the cold and uncomfortable.
I like quiet and loud.
I enjoy the idea of making a party.
I like to orchestrate multi-faceted teams.
I like to rise with the sun.
I like board games.
I like people.



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Jessica Muniz Witmer
Jessica @ colorhive.com